Automatically extracts your PDF files' content - from predefined areas - to useful data (CSV file). In seconds.

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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life." PDFZone is not another OCR software. Instead, it's an excellent online PDF ocr and converting tools, and it's totally free to use now.

1. Teach once, extract for life

Simply define once the area where to extract your data, then perform mass-extraction on an unlimited number of similar PDF files.

2. Avoid repetitive tasks

You do not even have to organize your files, just give them all to PDFZone and it will recognize the relevant ones. Even if the content is shifted due to a poor scan.

3. Save hours of your time

Instead of manually extracting recurrent data from your files, PDFZone does it for you, automatically.

Customer Testimonails

As a freelance, PDFZone helps me with my accountancy by extracting the date, the invoice number, the total amount and the taxes from my received invoices. I can then give the CSV file to my accountant.

Dominique S. Consultant, Belgium
Customer Testimonails

Every week, my office receives the latest prices from our providers. PDFZone extracts these values at once for us to update our website.

Colin G. E-Commerce shop owner, Germany
Customer Testimonails

I had 10 years of electricity invoices, and I wanted statistics on my consumption. PDFZone extracted 10 years of data in seconds, and a beautiful excel graph shows me a 15% decrease in electricity consumption. Great!

James A. New-York, U.S.A.
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Get started instantly.

Teach what & where to extract

The invoice number for example. Then drag and drop a PDF and select the invoice number. Repeat this for each PDF provider.

Extract automatically from dozens of documents

PDFZone will automatically recognize the provider of the PDF and extract accordingly.

Export the extracted data

In standard CSV format. Then import the data in the application of your needs.

Smart Extraction Algorithm

Do not miss any character

The algorithm behind PDFZone ensures that you do not miss any important data. It will detect your content automatically even if a word to be extracted goes outside the defined zone or if your document is scanned and its content is shifted.

Try the app for free

Import results anywhere

Your needs will define what you can do with the exported results. Import them in your accouting software, plot the results for beautiful graphs, perform calculations...
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CSV Export

Use the standard CSV (comma-separated values) format to export the results.

Retina & Touchbar ready

Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Screen Displays. PDFZone also supports the new MacBook Pro's touchbar.

Powerful Performance

PDFZone focuses on intuitivity and functionality but also on performance to deliver.


PDFZone has been built for the Mac. Creating an intuitive interface was one of our primary focus during the creation of the app.

Free updates

At PDFZone we hate in-app purchases. Thats why PDFZone will continuously receives updates and new functionalities... for free.

Free support

Need help with the app? Contact us for free, we'd be happy to help you.